Mom Is Enraged At "Monster-In-Law" MIL Who Tried To Pierce Her Baby's Ears After Parents Said No: "This Is So Far Over The Line"

November 19, 2019 12:08

Many people pierce ears for their little baby girls. This is a controversial topic as some people would rather wait until their children are old enough to outrightly communicate that they want this procedure done.

Ear piercing for toddlers is a possibility if the child is developed enough to express a desire for wearing earrings and can understand that the process may be painful.

According to WhatToExpect, older toddlers can understand there will be possible stinging and can be prepared. In addition, you can also ask for simultaneous piercings to be done. This is when two technicians pierce both ears at the same time. This way, there's less time for your little one to wriggle too much or change their mind between piercings.

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Mother-in-law determined to pierce ears for baby

It goes without saying that a minor's ears shouldn't be pierced without permission from the parents. But one mother-in-law decided to go against her son and his wife's wishes in this regard.

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A Reddit user shared a post where she opened up about her mother-in-law problems. Referring to the woman as a "monster-in-law" the mom said that her husband's mom was adamant about getting their baby daughter's ears pierced.

The poster wrote:

One of the comments she made was about how none of our girls have their ears pierced, which I pretty much ignored.

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The mom had previously responded that they had decided to wait until their kids were old enough to ask for piercings before getting it done.

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Evidently, this mother-in-law felt it was okay to dismiss the parent's wishes. While she was babysitting one day, she took the child to the mall and almost had the technicians pierce her ears. At the last minute, they realized that MIL wasn't the baby's parent and said she had to get permission from the child's mom or dad before carrying out the procedure.

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When the poster heard what happened, she was furious with her mother-in-law.

This is so far over the line I have no idea how to handle this... At this point, I’m ready to cut her out completely. DH is equally horrified.

How to pierce ears for children without tears

Ear piercing for toddlers or little children doesn't have to a bad experience.

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According to Stayathomemum, you can make this process easier on the child by bringing along treats or even her friends for distraction. You can also give them something to be excited about afterward by having them choose their favorite pair of stud earrings to wear when they are done.

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The decision of whether or not to pierce the ears of a child depends, on the most part, on the parent. However, the goal is to ensure the little girl is as comfortable as possible. Remember, even after your child expresses a need to get their ears pierced, it's okay if they change their mind later. It pays to be patient.

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