Mother Refuses To Buy Christmas Presents For Her Children Because She Doesn't Want Them To Grow Up Spoiled

November 19, 2019 16:33

Getting a Christmas present or ten has always been a traditional part of the festive season. But one mum is hoping to do things a lot differently.

Take Christmas presents out of the equation, how many people truly understand what this celebration is all about? While it may have a history in the Christian religion, the most important thing about the festive season is the joy of family.

According to this fascinating article by TheHopeline, many may not realize the true value of embracing the love of family until they lose a loved one and end up seeing the holidays differently.

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They start to wish they focused more on connecting with those near and dear to them, rather than basing their happiness on the number of gifts they receive.

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No Christmas present, mum says

A mother has insisted that there won't be Christmas presents for her kids and she shared her reason in an article for The Sun.

Kim Palmer explained that she and her husband have decided that her two children will not receive gifts from them every year. She explained that growing up, she loved Christmas. Apart from the trees and other great memories, she also enjoyed receiving loads of presents from her parents and other family members.

But while opening one gift after another, I never truly appreciated what was inside. Instead, I'd look forward to discovering my next magical treat.

She went on to add that her worst fear would be having her children "growing up to be spoilt." And this was her reason for choosing not to shower her two kids with presents at Christmas.

I wanted our children to grow up feeling grateful for everything that they’re given.I decided that I wouldn’t buy my children gifts at Christmas.

Kim clarified that this decision had nothing to do with being unable to afford presents. She said she wanted them to understand the true meaning of the festive season.

Call me crazy, but Christmas shouldn’t be all about the presents. I want to teach my children the value of money, and raise them to appreciate all they are given.

The mom then explained that her children absolutely love Christmas. While they do sometimes get presents from their dad's side of the family, they don't even notice their parents don't give them gifts.

Why kids shouldn't get too many Christmas presents

Christmas is a time for celebrating and this shouldn't be overshadowed by material things. According to one study, giving kids too many toys actually decrease the quality of their play. Having fewer toys cause them to be more creative, which is more fulfilling in the long-term.

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This 'less is more' rule can be adopted for Christmas. Kim has a point in that, giving kids too much may prevent them from really embracing the value and utilizing every present.

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So while you may not be on board with not giving children Christmas presents at all, you may want to consider cutting down and only giving moderately. This way, they can appreciate each gift and really enjoy them without being too overwhelmed.

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