"I Still Cry Every Day, But I Don't Tell Anyone": A Grieving Boy Writes A Letter To His Late Mom On Christmas

December 26, 2019

Loss of a parent is an unimaginable thing. An eight-year-old boy named Harry lost his mother in tragic events — yet, it didn't prevent him from writing a teary letter to his late parent in 'Heaven'.

"I really think you are the best mom ever" — the first words can already hit you hard, so if you are over-sensitive, just stay strong....

I really miss you, and I wish you were still here to make me feel OK again.

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Harry comes from Netherton in the West Midlands. He lost his beloved mother Kerrie to a stroke in March 2019, and can't stop missing her and wishing she was there for him to comfort and bring joy and delight to his childhood once again.

Sometimes I talk to you at night even though you never talk back. I wish you did.

Throughout the letter, Harry was expressing his pain, and every his word causes a flood of tears and severe heartbreak. The eight-year-old boy also told his mother, who is in 'Heaven', about some of his achievements.

I still cry every day, but I don't tell anyone.

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Since Carrie's death, Harry became cagey, hurtful, and distressed. A child counselor suggested him to write anything, as it was difficult for the boy to speak out about his grief. Harry's dad said:

It was Harry's choice to write a letter about how he is feeling to his mum. He asked me if she would see, and I said the angels will take it away for her to read in heaven.

This is so heartbreaking to read, write, and think. We even can't imagine what this little boy feels every day and how much he misses his mother and best friend.

Loss of parent

According to psychology, a child can be happy and build intimate interconnections only under one condition: when he or she forms an attachment to at least one caregiver. But what happens when a kid loses a mother or a father at such an early age?

The attachment theory notes that dealing with grief and heartache makes a child vulnerable to emotional problems, including depression, the feeling of loss, social withdrawal/anxiety, poor academic performance, etc.

Montgomery Hospice also comprises such outcomes as follows:

  • The overall aura of grief and pain is new for a kid and takes much longer time to adjust to it than the feeling of love, rage, or attachment.
  • Losing a parent can cause guilt and self-blaming as if a child has something to do with a parent's death.
  • Children are afraid of getting a new parent after the loss of a mother/father.

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How to help a kid cope with grieving?

According to the Child Mind Institute, there are some crucial ways:

  • It's necessary to motivate a child to express any feeling he/she experiences at the moment.
  • The discussion of the afterlife is a significant step during the mourning process.
  • Professional help is the number one priority.
  • It's essential to answer a kid's questions about death and loss instead of loading him/her with a bunch of information.

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Indeed, the bond between mother and son is different than between mother and daughter. It is special, and it is just different. We cannot comfort the child, and there are no words to describe the situation, but we do hope his father can make him feel better in the future.

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