Mom Spends $1280 Monthly On Blow-Dries, Manicures And Facials For Her Young Daughters, And Even The 9-Month-Old Isn't Left Out

November 12, 2019 12:26

Taking kids to a beauty salon is an issue that often sparks debate. Writer Joanna Fortune once shared on TheJournal that she disagrees with the idea that children should be spending time in beauty salons focusing and focusing on body image at a young age.

Fortune believed that we're currently dealing with preschoolers already worried about their looks and the brand they are wearing. In her opinion, this "adultification of our children" will cause them to skip from childhood to adulthood, forgetting the other developmental stages in between.

To the writer, this can be detrimental for kids.

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Mom splurges on brand names and beauty procedures

A mother of four Hannah Skidmore shared that she spends up to $1280 every month on beauty procedures for her children.

Hannah splurges on such things as designer shoes/clothes, faux fur capes, and even pet horses for her "little divas."

According to Hannah, her 17-year-old daughter Tia, 9-year-old Brooke and 15-month-old Valentina should learn that they can work hard but must always make time to enjoy themselves.

Her youngest child even began soaking her feet in a pedicure spa from the age of nine months as her older sisters enjoy weekly trips to beauty salons.

I am teaching my daughters how to look after themselves and to always make sure they pay attention to their skin, hair, and nails. We all adore our trips to the salon because it’s our time to relax, gossip and have a giggle.

The mom revealed that she and her daughters get facials and blow-dries weekly while they get their nails done every two weeks.

The school mums tend to laugh when they hear about our beauty regimes, but I just joke and tell them we are fabulous. The girls are all little divas who love getting glammed up.

Hannah added that her eldest daughter Tia has been getting her hair done at the salon from the age of two or three.

Harmful beauty procedures for kids

According to EverydayHealth, such things as tanning, hair-curling, and certain makeups are not advisable for young children.

The materials used for this stuff matter very much and parents have to always look out for ingredients that could pose harm to the children.

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Hannah's parenting may be a source of controversy for many people but it sounds like she's doing what she feels is best for her children. Sure, some may disagree but in cases like this, it becomes a matter of 'live and let live' as this mom does believe she's doing all this for the right reasons.

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