"I Was Crying:": Single Mom Who Waits Tables Receives $1000 Tip As A Holiday Present

December 27, 2019 13:09

One single mother has a reason to smile this Christmas thanks to a kind gesture from some restaurant patrons. This is the type of story that moves people to tears.

Challenges of single motherhood

Being a single mother isn't easy at all. One research shows that up to 24% of mothers in the United States are single moms and around the world, the rate of single-parent households is increasing rapidly. This means that the stress and challenges they face should never be ignored.

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One of the toughest things about being a single mother is having to balance work and home life. A survey shows that 59% of working moms have trouble finding time for leisure. Now imagine what a single parent faces. They have to be there for their children, raise them, care for them, and also provide.

It can be almost impossible to take a breather while juggling all these responsibilities. Considering the fact that many single moms have to take extra shifts or work more than one job to get by, even getting quality time with their children becomes quite the feat, not to talk of me-time.

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So the next time you come across a single parent, or if you know one already, it's a good idea to offer a helping hand, just like these kind people did.

A Christmas surprise

Some generous restaurant patrons gave a waitress named Daryl Collett an impressive Christmas surprise.

Daryl, a single mom, waited tables at the Milledgeville in Georgia. This was one of the two jobs she worked to make ends meet and take care of her three-year-old son, Cash. According to a Facebook post shared by the company, she was clearing the tables when she saw a large holiday tip of $1000.

As it turned out, the tip was left by a group of eight diners who had specifically asked to be seated on Daryl's table so they could give her the surprise.

The waitress was very thrilled and touched by the gesture. She told WBNS:

Literally the best feeling ever. I was shocked and happy and, like, I’m so emotional. I started crying.

The importance of tipping

This heartwarming story is a great reminder that tipping should never be ignored. Every dime you drop to appreciate your server can end up changing their lives. According to Newsday, when a waiter or waitress receives a tip, it tells them that you appreciate their hard work and service.

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Goodmenproject pointed out that many of these people earn way less than minimum wage, so ignoring the tip because you assume they get paid is unfair. In addition, their jobs are much harder than it looks. It's up to your waiter, for example, to know which meals on the menu are gluten-free, what can be substituted for what and virtually all the information you may need about the menu.

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They don't just lug food around, these men and women work hard. Show some appreciation and if you can, put a massive smile on their face by dropping a really large tip. You just may change a life.

How not to go crazy as a single parent

Mayoclinic has provided a few tips to help single moms and dads stay sane as they juggle it all and raise their kids.

  1. Having a structure is crucial: Having a routine makes it possible for you to manage your time effectively and get things done. Schedule time for everything including me-time and playtime with your kids. This way, nothing gets ignored.
  2. Don't drown in guilt: Stop comparing yourself to other moms or feeling guilty that sometimes, work comes first. Do your very best and even your child will see that. It doesn't matter what others do, think or say.
  3. Stay positive: Everyone has good and bad days, even those who aren't single parents. So don't be overtaken by despair. Embrace the good days and give yourself a pat on the back for your achievements. As for your bad days, have a sense of humor about them. Shrug off the negativity and just keep going.

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The life of a single parent can be very hectic so every help and kindness offered is usually appreciated. We have nothing but praises for these patrons who gave Daryl a reason to smile during the holidays. Who knows, little Cash may get his dream present thanks to this kind act. And we love how this story reminds us of what the spirit of Christmas really is. Even as you put family first, reach out and help others too.

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