Bride Faces Harsh Feedback From User For Wearing Granny-Panties On Her Wedding Day

December 26, 2019

Are those granny-panties under her wedding dress? That was the question many people were asking when a picture of a bride on her big day was posted online.

What's all the fuss about a wedding dress?

As soon as a bride starts to plan her big day, one of the first and most important elements becomes, what will she wear? In fact, many women already have an idea of what the dress would look like from the time they were little girls. So yes, the wedding dress is a pretty big deal.

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Georgina Scott Bridal pointed out, in a post, that wedding dresses also have a historical significance. They explained that the texture, style, and design could pass across such messages as the bride's family's wealth and social status. Simply put, the richer and bolder the dress, the wealthier her family.

According to BestofBride, the modern-day wedding dresses reflect a bride's personality. With options for custom-tailored wear, every bride can choose exactly what they want depending on their style.

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So, we cannot fault this bride for wearing something a little out-there. But we do have questions about her underwear.

What's going on in there?

In a picture shared on Reddit, a bride can be seen posing with her groom and her bridesmaid. Even though her face was obstructed, her body language gave the impression that she was having the best time.

The bride had on a see-through wedding dress. It consisted of a lace crop top and skirt. While her bridesmaids wore white, she herself had a tan-colored two-piece outfit. It also included what looked to be some kind of granny panty-design to cover her private area.

Granny Pants or Diapers? from r/weddingshaming

The caption of the photo read: "Granny Pants or Diapers?"

Not many people approved of her style.

@kittenfeet69 commented:

I can see what she was going for but the execution is just horrible.

@rwilkz replied:

But even when executed perfectly it’s like a festival lewk, not wedding formal!

@jennthern said:

Oh my lord! That’s horrible! Totally looks like a pull-up diaper!

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Difficulty choosing a dress?

With all the options out there, it can be tough to choose the right wedding dress sometimes. Perhaps this bride above simply gave up and wore whatever. We'll never know. But if you do find yourself in a situation where you can't pick a wedding dress, consider taking WeddingWire's advice which is to focus on one feature.

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Sometimes, having a whole list of details you hope to find in one dress can be a challenge. Choose the most important feature and go from there. This way, you have a scale of preference and can decide what's absolutely necessary and what you can do without.

Tips for finding the right wedding dress

Here are some other tips to consider courtesy of Randy from Say Yes To The Dress.

  • Have a budget in mind before shopping or getting your dress made.
  • Embrace different styles. Try not to be too rigid with what you have in mind. When you're open to other options, you may be pleasantly surprised.
  • Alterations are possible so you don't need to settle for what looks 'pretty close' to what you want. If you purchase a dress that isn't quite what you pictured, you can choose to alter it.
  • Share your thoughts with close friends or family. If you want their advice, you should tell them what you envision.. It takes away all the guesswork.

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A wedding is one of the most important days in a woman's life. She dreams about it even long before she meets her groom and she carefully chooses all the elements required to make it a really special occasion. Some brides, like the one above, may take some risks but others won't. In the end, everyone deserves to wear what makes them feel good even when people may not agree.