Grandma With No Medical Experience Had To Unexpectedly Deliver Her Grandchild, And This Wasn't Even The First Time

November 14, 2019 11:22

Childbirth at home is can lead to unexpected situations. In fact, the process of childbirth, in general, doesn't always go according to plan.

There have been several cases of people giving birth in unlikeliest places. This is because, no matter how much a parent plans, in the end, the baby will make their arrival on their own time. And it's not always the most convenient.

This is one of the reasons why birth stories are usually really interesting. And in the case of this woman, her grandchildren apparently decided that grandma was the one to guide them into the world.

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Interesting coincidence

A grandmother found herself in the position of delivering her newborn grandchild and this happened to be a deja vu moment because she had to do the same thing a few years prior.

On September 21, 2019, April McMasters was on hand to assist in the birth of her granddaughter Braelynn while they were in the car heading to the hospital.

In 2014, April had to do the same when her first grandchild Maddex was unexpectedly born at home.

Speaking to Good Morning America, April said that 4-year-old Maddex loved to tell everybody about how he was born at home and his grandma was there. April said:

He says, 'I was born on the bathroom floor and I was so excited to be here, that I popped right out of my mum.

In 2014, April's daughter Makayla Cole, called her mom when she went into labor at work. April helped get Makayla home but when they called the hospital, they were told that the baby's arrival could be a while.

This turned out not to be the case as Makayla soon began giving birth. April called 911 and paramedics walked her through the whole thing.

Now, years later, a similar situation occurred as Makayla went into labor unexpectedly but the little one arrived just before they reached the hospital.

Comforting a mother during childbirth

Anyone can be caught in a position of helping during unexpected childbirth. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best thing to do is to keep both yourself and the mother calm.

Try to be prepared beforehand especially if you're a spouse or loved one of a pregnant woman. And ensure you call emergency services to guide you through until help arrives.

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April McMasters and her grandchildren will always have an amazing story to tell for many years to come. How cool is it that the kiddos decided to arrive at the very time grandma was on hand to welcome them? It must make for a pretty incredible bond.

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