Crazy Bride Calls Off Wedding After The Groom Refused To Get Rid Off His 'Ugly' Best Man

December 19, 2019

Choosing a best man is an incredibly personal experience for any groom. Everyone knows what a big honor this is, so if you get picked to be a best man at your buddy's wedding, you know your friendship is for life.

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But what if the bride disrespects her groom's best man in days leading up to the wedding, who should he choose: his future wife or his best friend?

Bridezilla insults her groom's best man

In a now deleted Facebook post, but reported by Daily Mail, a bride complained about her groom having an 'unattractive' best man. She started by explaining that her bridesmaids are gorgeous, but she was worried that the best man would ruin all photos.

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The 'crazy' bride wrote:

My issue is my fiance's best man. He's only 5ft 3' so he will look ridiculous escorting my sister down the aisle. He is homely as well. A unibrow and crooked teeth. One of those really big smiles that shows his teeth and 10ft of gum too.

She asked her fiance to put his best man at the far side on every photo so that he could be cropped or removed, but he refused. The groom explained that he loved his friend, who already spent $10,000 on the bachelor party.

The bride didn't care about the best man and even said he's not that good of a friend, and having an aesthetically pleasing wedding was a number one priority for her. And so, she had no choice but to call off the wedding and asked for sympathy online, which, as you can guess, she didn't receive.

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How to keep calm as a bride

Look, weddings are stressful, so even the most reasonable woman can go a little bit crazy. That's when they need to gather all resources and focus on keeping a steady hand on situations. Best tips for new brides include meditation, exercising, choosing a reliable team, having a support system.

And, the most important tip, is to have an open communication with your groom. If you chose the person you want to spend the rest of your life with well, you'll have no issue organizing and enjoying the most important day of your life.