Christmas-Obsessed Mom-Of-3 Plans To Spend Over $5000 On Gifts For Her Kids To Get Them 100 Each As It’s Family Tradition

November 25, 2019 14:51

Christmas is getting closer and closer as many parents around the world get their presents list ready for the crazy holiday shopping spree. While it certainly feels good to be on the receiving end, nothing beats the feeling of self-gratification when you are the one who does the giving.

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Christmas gifts are the crucial part of the biggest holiday of the year but how many gifts are enough and should you spoil your children?

How Christmas presents affect kids?

Can too many gifts spoil children? Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Politis says that the amount of presents might not be the issue. The question is whether children expect gifts all the time and appreciate them.

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Politis notes that parents are entitled to shower their children with new toys and things their offspring is dying to get but it’s crucial to make sure children respect and value each and every thing they receive. That’s why parents should talk to them about how much effort went into getting those gifts.

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Moreover, it’s important to discuss how blessed and thankful they are as a family to be able to enjoy the new things they get and the stuff they already have. But is it ok to give your children 100 Christmas presents? One woman thinks that it’s perfectly fine.

$5000 for Christmas cheers

A Christmas-obsessed mom has already spent over $3000 on Christmas gifts for each of her 3 children and she is not planning to stop. Nurse Stacey Rosewarne is aiming to spoil her kids with 100 gifts each which can amount to over $5000 in total.

For Stacey, it’s crucial to make sure her kids, 13-year-old Amber, 7-year-old Jacob and 6-year-old Ebony, are lavished with presents, which include expensive items like Nike Air trainers and designer gear like North Face coat.

She said:

I am a bit worried about my children not being able to fit the presents in their bedrooms, but we usually have a clear out before Christmas to help.

Rosewarne says that her partner Darren thinks she’s spoilt because he only got 5 presents when he was a kid while her mother worked hard to make sure she and her sister had plenty.

Stacey explained:

I know I spoil my children and some might not have the same idea as me but I’m following my mum’s tradition and I always remember Christmas as a time to spend with family opening presents.

The woman states that she is allowed to spend the money she earned as she pleases and it’s hard to fault her in that but is it really a good idea to condition your children to expect 100 presents every Christmas?