Bridezilla Alert: Bride-To-Be Plans To Ban Groom's Children From Her Wedding Because He Pays $1,600 For Child Support

November 22, 2019 11:53

Getting married to someone you love is one of the best feelings anyone can ever experience but sometimes, it’s possible to have mixed feelings about the decision. A dark side of marrying someone who has kids from another marriage (which people don’t like to talk about) is that you automatically become, the stepmom.

Some brides navigate this murky territory easily but for most, being a stepmom means being the outsider and always trying to win the love of the new children. Most stepmoms know that jealousy easily creeps in as one competes for the children’s love and at the same time, feels threatened by their connections to the past.

A bride-to-be showed the ugly side of being a step-mom when she shared her plans to exclude her new husband’s kids from her wedding because she wanted her own kids to enjoy it.

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Bride-to-be demanded her step-kids be excluded from wedding

An American bride-to-be, who many would prefer to call “bridezilla,” stunned netizens when she disclosed that she was searching for a way to tell her step kids that they won’t be at her wedding!

How would you explain to your (future) stepchild that they won’t be in your wedding?

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Her plans, which were later posted on Facebook, then found their way to Reddit, revealed that the bride had been looking forward to marrying a new man who also had kids from another marriage. Her concern, however, was that she needed her own kids, and not her future step-kids, to enjoy the actual wedding ceremony.

It’s very important to me for my kids to be in my wedding… My fiancé was married to his ex and his kids were in their wedding so I feel they’ve already gotten the “experience.”

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The mom to 4 explained that her kids had never experienced a wedding before since their father passed away when they were young. So, she wanted to make this wedding their opportunity to be in the spotlight.

To lessen the blow, the bride-to-be was willing to let her future step-kids help at the reception and serve food to feel “included.”

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Concluding her blunt post, she revealed that the decision is largely motivated by her fiancé’s $1,600 per month in child support. Excluding the kids was her way of having “her way” and she felt this justified her actions.

To say the least, many were not pleased by her statement and from the replies she got on both Facebook and Reddit, people felt she was setting herself up to be the classic “evil stepmom.”

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By keeping her new hubby’s kids from the wedding ceremony, she would be treating them unfairly and they might never forgive her.

How to deal with stepparent jealousy

This bride’s situation reveals that being a stepparent can turn into a real-life nightmare as you can easily become a monster. But what can you do to ensure that you don’t fall victim to stepparent jealousy?

1. Look for the positives

For moms whose spouses are married to new people, becoming jealous of your child’s new relationship with the stepmom is easy. But if you consider the positives, that he/she won’t replace you, you will eventually realize that what they do is beneficial for your kids.

2. Anticipate jealousy, but don’t fall to it

Your children’s step-parents might be really great and when they post pictures online being happy, you might feel envious, or even angry. Have self-control and resolve that however you feel, you will never let your feelings for the “other” mom affect your kids.

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3. Share with your partner

If you have step-kids, you might have high hopes that they will love you, but this takes time. When you see that they are more dependent on your partner despite your availability, share with your spouse. Don’t get jealous of your spouse or their kids and instead, find out the best ways to change the situation together.

Stepparent jealousy is “a thing” but if you navigate it properly, you can surely earn the love of your kids.

What do you think of bridezilla’s considerations to keep her fiancé’s kids out of their wedding?