Mother-Of-3 Found Out She Was Cancer Free And Won £1 Million On The Same Day! Her Luck Came In Doubles

November 19, 2019 16:56

What would you do if you won the lottery? People who have been lucky winners of the EuroMillions jackpot reported that receiving such a sum can change lives, with some opting to never work for the rest of their lives. In 2019 alone, 4 EuroMillions lottery winners in the UK won a total of £350 million, huge sums that were jaw-dropping to them.

While many amazing people have won the lottery, one story that deserves a mention is that of Lynne Price, a mom of 3 who found out she had beaten breast cancer and won 1 million from EuroMillions on the same day!

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Mother of 3 beat breast cancer and won £1 million

55-year-old Lynne Price was at home when she read a letter that said that her scan results had come back clear, meaning that she had beaten breast cancer. But before she could process the good news on her health, her husband arrived home to inform her that they had won a million pounds!

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Speaking to Daily Mail, Lynne shared that after getting the news, she hugged her husband and retired to her bath to let the double-jackpot (her health and 1 million pounds) soak in.

I was shaking and totally lost for words which never happens… I went and had a bath for two hours and just lay there trying to take it all in.”

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Lynne was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 after which she underwent treatment and for the past 4 years, she kept praying for good news. When the universe finally answered her, her blessings came back double. That day, she was the luckiest woman in the world.

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While the big win was a first for Lynne and her husband David Price, it was not the first one in their family. The couple is related to Ade Goodchild, who won £71 on EuroMillions in March 2019. As fate would have it, David’s sister Judith was also part of a group that scooped another sizeable fortune back in the 90s.

It’s almost like fate that the family won the cash. They are truly a lucky bunch.

Why do people play the lottery?

While the chances of winning the lottery range from slim to none, many people still choose to play. Here are some reasons why people choose to continue trying their luck through lotteries and gambling.

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  • Unrealistic optimism: Humans are wired to look at the chances of success rather than those of failing.
  • Availability bias: Hearing a story like Lynne’s shows that it’s easy to win and people try their luck because they know of other winners. But there are millions of losers too!
  • Superstition: Some think that if you lose in 4-wheel spins, then the fifth one is the jackpot but sometimes, luck never turns around!
  • The illusion of control: If someone loses once, they think they were too close and would nail it next time. With time, you get addicted to a cycle.
  • Social traps: The “I can’t give up now attitude” keeps people playing for years hoping to win. Focusing on the potential win rather than the many losses deludes many.

What are your thoughts on playing the lottery? Does it work by chance, fate, or every dog has its day?