Mom Has Just Given Birth To One Of The UK's Biggest Babies Without Any Pain Relief, 2 Weeks Before Due Date

November 22, 2019 11:19

Welcoming a baby at any age is one of the most exciting experiences a woman can undergo. But while some people rush to ask if it’s a baby or a girl, the next and probably most important question is the baby’s weight.

A first-time mom from Hull, UK, tested the statistical limits of a baby’s “normal weight” at birth when she gave birth to a baby girl weighing 10lbs 10oz! What is even more impressive is that the mom gave birth without any pain relief, 2 weeks before she was due!

The moment she was born, baby Lily-Grace automatically registered as one of the UK’s biggest baby in 2019!


The biggest baby came 2 weeks before time!

During pregnancy, every mother counts-down the days until she holds her precious angel in her loving arms but for Jessica Drake, her bundle of joy came 2 weeks before the due date.

Hull Live reported that 23-year-old Drake, from Sutton, was shocked when she realized that she had given birth to a big baby!

I didn't know I was having a big baby, she was two weeks early too. She was due on 17th and born on 5th.

For Drake, it was only until her baby was placed on the weighing scales that she realized that she was a big gal. By the time they left the hospital, most of the things she had bought for the baby were “too small.”

Out of all the babies that were born at the Hull Women and Children's Hospital last month, Lily-Grace was the biggest but no one had imagined she would be as big. While her mother measured big during pregnancy, no one predicted that the child would come out that big, especially 2 weeks before time.

While babies come in all shapes and sizes, statistics indicate that 9 out of 10 babies come in weighing between 5.5lbs on the lower side and about 10lbs in the extreme. When babies are larger than 10lbs, they are often considered larger than normal.

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It seems that baby Lily-Grace, who is now 6 weeks old, was just aiming to make headlines. In 2011, a woman from Texas, U.S.A, gave birth to a baby boy weighing over 16lbs and like Mrs. Drake, she didn't expect it too.

Mothers rushed to congratulate the new mom and her baby

As you can imagine, giving birth without pain relief is surely not easy, let alone when it’s a big baby. Other moms praised the new mom and showered the “little big girl” with love.

One mom recognized that the delivery without pain relief was incredible.

"I have already had one and hell no am I not having pain relief for my second! But well done to this amazing mummy. Can't of been an easy delivery. And she's lovely 👶🥰

Others shared similar experiences that were equally "tasky."

My son was 12lb 8oz.......without pain relief 😯 17 years on, I'm still not sure I've forgiven him 😂😂😂

I had to have pain relief due to a emergency c section unfortunately. Congratulations though for such a healthy gorgeous bab

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For most moms who can relate, giving birth to a big baby is a huge burden, one that is only borne with perseverance and love.

What do we have to say to this record-breaking baby? Congratulations on the incredible womb escape! Lily-Grace already has a superhero, and it’s her mom.

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