Man Gets An Ugly Tattoo Of His Wife As A Revenge For His Bad Haircut

January 8, 2020 10:35

Man, who is a big fan of tattoos, found a creative way to take revenge on his wife for his ugly haircut by making the worst tattoo ever of her. The husband could not even imagine what his spouse’s reaction would be.

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Tattoos with a special meaning

Nowadays, tattoos are getting more and more popular among people of different ages. Some of them want to express their creativity in such way; others get tattoos to pay a tribute to a special person in their lives.

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Tattoos with a partner’s name have reached huge popularity in recent times. In such way, partners want to express their deepest feelings to their loved ones. But is it really a good idea?

Specialists admit that getting a tattoo of a partner’s name may have a negative impact on a couple’s relationship. Not all romances last a lifetime and with the end of a relationship, the exes want to get rid of a tattooed symbol of their past love. Besides, the process of tattoo removal is rather painful and can even leave scars.

Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos are very popular nowadays. There are multiple reasons why people want to get portrait tattoos. The primary reason is to honor a special person or a beloved partner.

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Some people get tattooed portraits of their pets. Celebrity idolization is another reason to get a portrait tattoo.

And finally, getting a portrait tattoo is a perfect way to commemorate loved ones who passed away.

Man gets a tattoo of his wife for revenge

James Mcgraw is a big fan of tattoos. He is also a fan of making pranks on his wife Kelly. Once, Kelly gave her husband a bad haircut.

James decided to pay her back by getting an ugly tattoo of his wife. He chose the worst picture of Kelly snoring on a plane with her mouth open. James tattooed this ‘adorable’ picture on his thigh.

James’ revenge generated hilarious reactions on social media, though his wife had another vision of the matter. Kelly commented on her hubby’s new tattoo:

There's a line and he's crossed it big time.

Fortunately, Kelly couldn’t stay offended for a long time and forgave James. Now Kelly admits she can’t look at his tattoo without laughing.

Things to know before getting a tattoo:

  • Consult your dermatologist before getting a tattoo to avoid possible negative consequences.
  • Choose a tattoo artist carefully; read reviews from his/her previous clients.
  • Be prepared that a fresh tattoo may hurt for a while. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to heal.
  • Think over a design and a tattoo location beforehand. Again, consult your tattoo artist!
  • Take seriously a post-care for a tattoo and follow all recommendations of your specialist.
  • Prepare for a tattoo beforehand: drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and coffee. Keep your skin well moisturized. Wear the right clothes which won’t make you feel uncomfortable after getting a fresh tattoo on your skin.

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We hope these tips will be useful if you think about getting a tattoo. The most important here is to find an experienced and certified tattoo artist whom you can trust. Don’t neglect the recommendations of your specialist! If you follow all the required recommendations, you will enjoy the result and get the tattoo you dreamed about!

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