Transgender Man And His Wife Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy: “He’s A Pretty Unique Kid”

December 24, 2019

A transgender dad used his own eggs to conceive a baby and nine months later, his wife gave birth to a healthy boy. The happy couple shared their incredible experience.


Transgender parents: what does it mean?

Nowadays, we can often hear the term ‘transgender parents’ but not all of us understand its meaning correctly.

Gender transitioning is a step to living and presenting yourself in the way you feel right. It refers to men ‘born’ in a female body, and vice versa.

The fundamental thing we need to learn about transgender parents is that in the first place, they are parents. Sometimes, adoption agencies speak out against trans adults who want to adopt a child. However, there are no scientifically confirmed proofs that such people will be bad parents.

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Seth and his story

Seth Marlow from Virginia was born as a female but at the age of 25, he started transitioning to a man. Seth felt that was totally the right thing for him to do, though it was not so easy journey.

Seth has always dreamed of having his own biological kids. He and his wife Leah wanted their home to be filled with children. For this reason, Mr. Marlow stopped taking hormones for a while so that he could use his own eggs to conceive a baby.

Later, an embryo was implanted into Leah’s uterus and after nine months, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, named Arlo.

Seth said:

Arlo has two genetic fathers. He's a pretty unique kid.

The doting parents have 13 other frozen embryos and they think of having another child in the nearest future.

What is egg freezing?

As some people may have a no-correct understanding of what ‘egg freezing’ actually means, we need to explain here.

The egg freezing is a perfect option for transgender men to have biological kids. The procedure involves a stop of taking testosterone hormones for men to resume their period in order to freeze eggs afterwards.

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How to explain to kids what ‘transgender parents’ mean

When kids grow up, at some point, there comes a moment for parents to explain to them the meaning of the term ‘transgender’. But how can they do it right?

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  • First of all, tell your kids that all people are different and they should respect their choice. Just like there are right- or left-handed people, there are those who belong to a particular gender.
  • Sometimes, a person who was born as a male feels he belongs to be a female and vice versa. There is nothing criminal here when people don’t hide their preferences and talk openly about their wishes.
  • Explain to your kid what gender means and stress on gender equality as well!
  • It may be useful for transgender parents and their kids to attend therapy sessions together to make sure that both of them have a correct understanding of their family situation.
  • Attend special groups to communicate with other transgender parents and share your experience.

Most importantly, it's necessary to remain a doting and loving parent to your child! If children feel love and support from their parents, they don’t focus on their gender transition.

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.

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