Son Had No Clue Why Mom Disappeared Every Christmas Eve, But After She Passed, He Received A Letter With Explanation

November 7, 2019 11:53

A Christmas story is one of the most heartwarming ways to celebrate the yuletides. And this sweet true-life tale is guaranteed to leave you warm-hearted.

A man named John Dorrah talked about a story of his that was published on Chicken Soup for the Soul. Since it was published, the story, titled Joy Of Christmas, has been told over and over again. And the message is one that is universal and timeless.

John shared a particular memory of his that had to do with his incredible mother and it's a Christmas story worth applauding.

Why mother disappeared

John Dorrah's mother, Susan, was a very organized and focused lady. While many people would wait until a few days before Christmas to start purchasing their presents, Susan would have gotten all that done weeks before.

So it didn't make sense to John that, on Christmas Eve, Susan would simply disappear for a few hours, leaving the family alone. She would mutter something under her breath about having errands to run and just leave.

John once asked his father where mom usually went off to and the dad claimed she must have forgotten some presents and wanted to get them at the last minute. Knowing his mother, John found this very unlikely but he had no choice but to let it go.

Mom's annual disappearance became something John had to accept and he figured it was a secret he would never discover. However, shortly after his mother's death, he found out the truth.

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One day, John received a letter from a former colleague of his mom's, Robert. Robert revealed, in the letter, that every year, Susan would visit their house, dressed as Mrs. Claus, and give his children presents which they could not afford at the time.

Robert revealed that Susan would give the struggling family such things as shoes, shirts, toys, candies, and so on.

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So it turned out that, every year before she died, Susan would leave her own family just for a few hours to make another family's Christmas wishes come true. How amazing!

The power of helping others

With so many sucky things going on in the world lately, there's a need for more people to step up and do wonderful things for each other.

You don't have to wait until you're wealthy and free of debt to lend a helping hand. The little you can give away, be it a donation, a smile or even a word of encouragement, can end up meaning a lot to someone else.

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So even as we sort our own lives, let's take a moment to look around us and see who we can help. Stories like Susan's are shared as a reminder that acts of kindness will always make an impact that will last many years. Showing love to others is one of the purest things we can do for each other as humans.

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