Bridezilla Throws A Tantrum Seeing Her Groom Dance With His Mother At Their Wedding

December 19, 2019

There are many wedding traditions out there, but some of the most beautiful and quite tender are the mother-son and father-daughter dances. They're beautiful metaphors of parents blessing their children's unions, and for children to show their gratitude for the love and support they've received from their moms and dads.

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But what would happen if a bride or a groom vetoed such dances at their wedding completely? We have one story describing just that.

Bride forbids her groom from dancing with his mother at their wedding

A Reddit user @ymirshiddentalent shared a story of a bride forbidding her groom from sharing a mother-son dance at their wedding, and completely freaking out when they danced later into the celebration.

The bride lost her father at a very young age, which remained a painful memory way into her adulthood and played a big role when she was planning the wedding. She decided to walk down the altar alone as she didn't want anyone in her late father's place, and that wasn't the only decision the storyteller found odd.

Because the bride couldn't dance with her dad at the wedding, she didn't allow her fiancé to share a dance with his mom as that would be very hurtful for the bride.

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The storyteller wrote:

There was a stipulation that her future mother-in-law and her fiancé were NOT ALLOWED, under ANY circumstances, to have the formal “mother-son dance” because she couldn’t have a “daddy-daughter dance”.

The mother-in-law was devastated over the rule as the groom was her only child, but she agreed to oblige the bride.

Later into the ceremony, the groom privately invites his mother for a dance, but too many people noticed and started cheering them on. The bride saw what was happening and started a full-blown scandal. She was even seen crying and screaming outside.

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The bride and the groom were able to resolve this problem and are still married. The storyteller, however, wanted to hear what other people thought about this story.

People online share their thoughts

Reddit users had very split reactions to the story as some feel for bride's pain, but believe it was selfish of her to hijack her new husband and not let him share such an important moment with his mother, while others fully support the bride and think her wishes should be above all else.


That’s tough, loosing a parent is hard. But I don’t agree with her actions. You want so bad for your parent to be there to dance I get it , but to take it away from someone whose parents are there, just isn’t the right way to go about it. You don’t take something away because you don’t have it. My friends dad died and she danced with her future father in law. There’s other ways to remember loved ones at weddings. But I can understand she was hurting, grief therapy probably would have helped her


Lost a parent very young and it impacted me immensely. I'd never dream to have my SO lose a beautiful moment with his mother due to that. I cannot sympathise with her in any way, her situation is sadly not unique - be it an absent or deceased parent - and she sounds like the has incredible unreasonable anger. I hope their kid isn't impacted.


This is actually pretty normal for women who lose their fathers early in life....I asked my spouse not to have this dance either, because I knew I would break down sobbing if he did. I was already upset my dad wouldn't be there, and my spouse knew how much he meant to me (and didnt have strong feelings about dancing with his mother), so we skipped it. If it had been important to him, I would have probably found a way to be out of the room for it, because I wouldn't want my emotional reaction to darken their moment.


Imagine feeling so entitled to a mother-son dance that you will force your new daughter in law to think about her grief and tragic loss while flaunting her loss, on what should have been one of the happiest days of her life.


I’m a woman who lost her father at a very young age. I’m not married yet, and I know that part of me will be very sad and likely cry on my wedding day because my father won’t be there. However, does that give me the right to tell my fiancé that he can’t share a dance with his mother? Absolutely NOT!

This is quite a controversial story, so we would love to hear your personal thoughts on it. Also, if you've ever encountered similar situations at weddings, share them in the comments!