Woman Discovers Her Husband Of 64 Years Led A Secret Life As A Spy Only After His Demise

December 2, 2019 13:35

Audrey Phillips, 85, whose beloved husband Glyndwr (Glyn), 83 died, had no idea he was a British spy despite being together for 64 years.

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Sounds crazy? Well, it is, in fact, crazy! Audrey knew him as a family man and a civil engineer who loved her and loved to play for his local football team. The couple had two children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren and no one ever could imagine Glyn was a spy.

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Glyn had been working for the British Intelligence Force since he was 13.

He was headhunted at his school in 1944 after officials were told about his photographic memory.

Mrs Phillips cleared his paperwork and found he had written his life story as a British spy which started in the 1940s when he began to work for Operation XX.

The operation, otherwise known as the Double-Cross System, was a counter-espionage and deception project which saw Nazi agents captured in Britain being used to send misinformation back to Germany.

The great-grandmother of three, said she was "astonished" to read about her husband's spy double life, after he died from Parkinson’s in January 2015.

The wife found out from his papers that the training involved Glyn crawling through concrete pipes into prisons to talk to German POWs and then crawl back out.

Mrs. Phillips, a retired home economics teacher said:

"I was completely oblivious. I have so many questions now that will probably never get answered. Why did I not know? ‘I never noticed any time that he was away for a long period, as he used to work away from home quite a lot."

The woman added:

"I never noticed any time that he was away for a long period, as he used to work away from home quite a lot.

"He wrote in his story that one of his missions was in a place called Portwrinkle in Cornwall. I couldn’t believe it when I read that.‘I didn’t even know where Portwrinkle was. I had to look it up.

The only person who ever knew of Glyn's involvement with the British Intelligence Force was his father, who was approached by his for permission.

Although it was a big shock for the woman to find out that her husband was a spy, she accepted the truth and even published a book about his life.

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There is only one thing she regrets - "I wish I could ask him, “Why didn’t I know?”"

Well, we believe that Glyn simply wanted to protect her and his family and he did it perfectly well. The man proved himself to be not just a British spy...he was the best!

People were impressed by the story as it really sounds as a plot for the film:

"Fascinating story. "

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"What a top man! "

"That's what l like an honest marriage "

We can't help admiring how many great unique people with their special stories are out there living their awe-inspiring lives. So the next time you go to the cinema and watch an incredible movie which is allegedly based on a true story, the odds are high that it is indeed based on a true story.

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