"He’s Not My Dad, He’s My Boyfriend:" 23-Year-Old Man Defends His Love For 56-Year-Old Boyfriend Against Constant Criticism

November 18, 2019 13:56

Does a large age gap in relationships really matter? There are many reasons why people may be concerned when there's a major age difference between a couple. According to eHarmony, one of them has to do with health and vitality.

When one partner is significantly older than the other, there's a possible problem that the two will not be well-suited in terms of health and energy.

There are also other things to consider including the idea of starting a family. Many older partners may already have families of their own while the younger one is just starting out. All these and many more issues have always been the cause of concern when there's a significant age gap among couples.

Age gap love story

In a Barcroft YouTube video titled He's Not My Dad, He's My Boyfriend, a 23-year-old man named Kayleb Alexander defended his love for his 56-year-old beau Mark Nichols.

Kayleb was 17 when he met Mark for the first time via a dating app. Despite there being a 33-year-age difference between them, these two are convinced that their love for each other is strong and lasting.

In the video, the couple opened up about how heartbreaking it was for them to be negatively judged for their relationship. Kayleb said it bothered him when people assumed that Mark was some kind of a pedophile or when people commented that their relationship was in any way unnatural.

Mark said he was unhappy with the criticisms as well especially because he believed that what he and Kayleb felt for each other was strong and lasting.

One of the things that have ignited even more criticisms was that Kayleb chose to stand by his boyfriend after he cheated. The younger lover revealed that he found messages from someone with whom Mark had a long-term affair but the couple said they were trying to work through it because they loved each other.

Reactions to the couple and their age gap

The majority of commenters stated that they were more concerned by the cheating than by the age gap in the relationship between these two.

Barcroft TV / YouTube

@Jiwoo’s Bitch /Stream Dumb Litty:

My only problem is he stayed with this man after he cheated on him.

Barcroft TV / YouTube

@Rachael Miller:

The age gap isn’t concerning but the weird cheating video is.

@John Denaci:

My issue is, he was 17 when they met, and that buddy cheated on him.

Barcroft TV / YouTube

@Hannah Brown Cow:

The cheating is disgusting them being a couple isn’t. So sad he stayed.

Barcroft TV / YouTube

No relationship is perfect and even though, from the outside, people don't think Mark and Kayleb are well suited for each other, all that matters is that they believe in their love. So, regardless of the criticisms and concerns, these two continue to have faith that they are meant to be.

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