"It Made Me Mad As Hell:" Terminally-Ill Man Is Furious At Mother-In-Law Who Insists On Being Included In His Will Because She's "Family"

November 28, 2019 15:49

Having a narcissistic mother-in-law or a selfish relative, in general, can be infuriating. While many people may accept that marrying a person means marrying into their family, the issue with some parents-in-law is that they have big problems with respecting boundaries.

Do a quick search on the internet and you'll find several mother-in-law stories, many of which are not very complimentary. This is because many people face situations where they have to cope with some pretty crazy behavior from their spouses' families.

When a person finds themselves coping with this, they become stuck between maintaining the peace or having it out with the offending in-law. It ends up being a very tense situation that requires delicate handling mostly because you're dealing with your spouse's parent.

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Terminally-ill man versus an overbearing mother-in-law

One man shared his mother-in-law problems which had to do with the fact that she kept insisting she should be added to his will.

The terminally-ill man took to Reddit to explain that he had a medical condition which meant he only had months or a few years to live at best. As a result, he drew up a will to ensure his loved ones were taken care of.


He revealed that the majority of what he owned would go to his daughter who was two years old.

It breaks my heart that I won’t get to see her grow up so the least I can do is make sure the lack of money isn’t an obstacle for her to succeed in life.

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The poster's narcissistic mother-in-law was very upset about it as she believed she deserved to be included in his will.

She insisted that no one does this, everything must be split equally between all family members and she’s a family too so she should be included in the will.

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The man said he was very furious with his wife's mother's behavior.

It made me mad as hell. Like, who is she to tell me what I can and cannot do with my money?

The poster said no one had any issues about his will except his mother-in-law and he wanted to know the best way to handle the matter.

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Many people responded to the man's issues and gave some advice.

@littleredteacupwolf advised:

Leave her one dollar. If you’re in America, that means she has no grounds to contest because she was left something. People do it all the time to family that doesn’t deserve anything.

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@RestrainedGold said:

Have you discussed your MIL's threats with your lawyer? I assume that your Lawyer would have advise on how to word the will to best protect your wishes from your MIL.


I read somewhere that if you don't include a family member they can go to the courts after you die and say, "look look they forgot me!" And the courts can rule that you just forgot them and split your money and items up with this other person. The advice I saw was to include everybody and give the people you hate like 5 cents. That way they can never say you forgot them and they aren't entitled to more. /

How to deal with mother-in-law problems

According to ScaryMommy, a few things you can do to help ease things between yourself and stubborn in-laws include:

  • Have a talk: Sometimes, the problems could all be down to misunderstandings. Talk it out and try to reach a compromise.
  • Set clear boundaries: This way, it's obvious when someone steps over the line and it must be handled.
  • Avoid taking things personally: Some people simply don't know how to play well with others. You can save yourself a whole lot of grief by not taking their behavior personally,
  • Kill them with kindness: It's hard to be terrible to someone who's always sweet and kind to you.

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Dealing with in-laws isn't always easy especially when then do all they can to frustrate you. But if you believe you've tried your best to connect with them, your only other option may simply be to let it go and put as much space between you and them as possible. This can be your best option to save your sanity.

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