Mom Is Devastated After She Was Kicked Out Of Her Church Because She Supports Daughter's Same-sex Relationship

November 5, 2019 11:47

Many people who kick against homosexuality usually do so on the basis that it's religiously unacceptable. To date, some religious groups have chosen not to embrace LGBTs and in many cases, these people are usually shunned from religious societies.

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Being kicked out of a community for being homosexual or bisexual can be tough, but what happens when parents of these people are also shunned?

A worried daughter

A bisexual young lady took to Reddit to share how her mother was kicked out of her church for supporting her. The posted said she herself was kicked out and it was quite traumatic but she went through it and accepted her new identity as "an atheist and a bisexual woman."

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The poster wrote that her mother has been very accepting of her and her girlfriend but apparently, the church wasn't.

My Nazarene mom was just told that she wasn’t welcome to come to services anymore because she won’t disown or rebuke me.

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The lady felt like it was one thing for the church to disown her for her orientation but quite another for her mother to be punished too.

I don’t agree with Mom’s religious beliefs at all, but it truly sucks that she’s had her community flip on her. She lost all but one friend and a cousin who’ve stuck with her. She said she chose to love me over loving her church, which is powerful and devastating.

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The poster said she understood how "adrift" her mother must be feeling especially since she believed in the church and in God. She said she didn't know how to help her mother through this phase of pain and betrayal.

I’m mostly just at a phase of being hurt because my mom is hurting and can’t muster up the ability to be a surly atheist yet.

Word of supports

Many Reddit users offered words of support in response to this post. They sympathized with the poster and her mother who they also praised for being an incredible parent.

@toastman0304 wished the duo the best.

It sounds like you have an awesome mother for sticking with her daughter in the face of such awful judgement. You and your mother sound like strong and resilient people, I hope good things for you.

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@LestDarknessFalls has a question.

Hey what happened to: Hate the sin, but love the sinner?

@DarkReign2011 praised the mother.

Just tell your mom how awesome she is and how proud she should be of herself for picking the right thing over the popular thing. At the end of the day, she is a better human being than every single person in that church because she stood up for her beliefs and put life and love before bigotry and ignorance.

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@Mndless has advice.

It's quite possible that she's considering some very serious questions now because of how s**t her church community turned out to be. Just remember to be there for her if she has any tough questions. Giving up on faith can be extremely painful.

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Anyone can understand the heartbreak this mother must feel for being made to choose between her daughter and her church. But in the end, she made a choice many parents would and hopefully, she can come to terms with realizing that she did what was best for her daughter.

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