Mother-In-Law Refuses To Return Debt To Her Son's Needy Family Just Because She's His Mother: "It's Really Low To Do That!"

November 19, 2019 11:48

Some mother-in-law stories still make our jaws drop, even after hearing hundreds of them. We sympathize with daughters-in-law and honestly can't believe how some women treat their family. Here's another one of those stories.

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Mother-in-law refuses to return debt

A Reddit user AngelTissue shared a story of how her mother-in-law (further referred to as the MIL) refused to return $50 she borrowed from her son's family to fix a fridge.

The Reddit user explained that while $50 might seem like a small sum, it's not for their family and they consider lending money a very serious commitment. Still, they gave the MIL the money as she was struggling at the time, and the family made it very clear that they expected to receive it back.

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After a while the MIL found a new job and was bragging about how much money she was making. The daughter-in-law and her husband figured they'd finally get the money back, but once they asked for it, the MIL didn't receive it very well:

So? Are you expecting money from your mother? Who does that?

When her son said they expected the lent to be returned, she further continued to be offended:

Not from your mother! It’s really low to do that! I never thought I should explain such things to you!

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The daughter-in-law and her husband decided to let it go, but vowed to never give the MIL anything else she might ask for from them.

Other Reddit users share advice


I’ll bet that same $50 she’d expect that loan back if she’d given it to YOU.


Only advice I have is do not lend money to family ever again. If you don’t mind never seeing the money again, just make it a gift. If it will bother you to never see the money again, keep it. This ruins family relationships all the time.

tkassam1939 points:

A lesson I’ve learned the hard way too, when lending money to family or friends, it’s best to think of it as a gift because odds are you’re either going to lose the money or the relationship with the person. If you can’t afford to gift it, then you can’t afford to lend it.


I have a rule with my family (or anyone who owes me money for that matter). If you owe me money, you can’t ask for more until you’ve paid me back. My brother still owes me $150. When I reminded him of it, he joked it was a gift and not a loan. I told him in no uncertain terms he can’t borrow money from me anymore until he learns to responsibly pay his debt. He knows better than to ask me for money now.

What do you think about this story? Is the MIL correct to assume that a mother shouldn't not pay her debt, or is her son and his wife are right to be upset with her?

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