Man Bans Mother-In-Law From Christmas Party After She Pits Siblings Against Each Other Saying Daddy Gives His Favorite Kids More Expensive Presents

November 26, 2019 16:28

If you browse the internet, chances are that you have heard several mother-in-law stories that made you gasp in shock and disbelief.

But how do you know if you have a toxic mother-in-law? Some tell-tale signs include that she’s always right, dismissive, blunt that she doesn’t like you, plays emotional games and has major control issues. To deal with an overbearing mother-in-law, most women avoid conflict, avoid triggers, and put up boundaries to protect themselves.

A man turned to social media to explain his frustrations about his narcissistic mother-in-law and his plans to exclude her from his family’s Christmas plans.

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Dad wants to exclude mother-in-law from Christmas plans

Festivities are a unique opportunity for families to come together and celebrate their love with each other but a dad who is fed up with his mother-in-law wants to exclude her from their plans.

Explaining his predicament on Reddit, the dad explained that last Christmas, his mother-in-law decided to turn their jolly Christmas south when she incited their daughter to revolt.

Mother in law decided to tell my daughter that she didn't get as many gifts as her brother and that we spent less on her.

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His frustrations were that after they bought gifts for their son and daughter, the MIL went behind their back, telling to their 13-year-old daughter that her gifts had cost less, so she was loved less.

This created drama as the family had to deal with a crying and pouting girl the whole of Christmas. Furthermore, she bought expensive gifts to out stage everyone, not forgetting to mention how much they cost!

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To ensure that the family avoided drama at Christmas, the man decided to suggest to his wife that their children’s grandma should not be invited to the celebrations.

His wife’s response was even more shocking as she felt that he was being incredibly rude by excluding her from the event. She chose her mother’s side.

People empathized with him and told him to put his foot down!

Dealing with a problematic mother-in-law can be tough but after reading the man’s heartfelt message, many were of the view that he should avoid her during Christmas at all costs!

Some users said that since she pitted the kids against each other the last time around, this time, she should not be given an opportunity.

If mom won't put her foot down, someone has to.

You are protecting your children and making that your priority, not your evil mother in law. Tell your wife fine, the mother in law can come, but you and the kids won't be there.

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Others felt that the wife should not be taking her mother’s side.

Your wife shouldn't be choosing her mother over her own family. How is she ok with her mother's rudeness and cruelty to her own children?

Of course, the person raised to believe that behavior is normal would try to excuse it. It's better for your kids and you if she doesn't come.

How to handle an annoying mother-in-law

While monsters-in-law can surely make big celebrations dull, there is a way to ensure that she is dealt with properly.

  • You don’t have to be friends with her. Don’t fake a relationship that’s inexistent.
  • Stop trying to please her. She chose to be an enemy, let her deal with consequences.
  • Create distance. Avoid her at all costs, even if it involves not inviting her.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel that she’s wrong, tell her since defending yourself is your right.
  • Forgive and move on. Dwelling on the past can make the situation worse.

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Handling a toxic mother in law is a serious challenge but at times, placing the children’s needs beyond everyone else is necessary. What would you advise this distraught dad?

Should he put his foot down or cave into the pressures of having another potentially disastrous Christmas?

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