Mother Slammed For Inviting The Entire Class For Her Son’s Birthday Party Except For One Boy With Autism

November 13, 2019 10:57

Before you start reading this story, we would kindly ask you not to be too quick to judge. We all have diverse opinions on different life situations and should respect each other’s points of view.

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“I just want my son to have a good party”

A woman decided to share her story on Reddit to express her position to what happened at her son’s birthday party.

She was planning a party for her son who turned 10 years old. Two weeks in advance, the mother sent invitations to her son’s classmates. She invited everyone from his class, except for one boy with autism, David.

The school my son goes to has a program for special needs kids where they are put into a ‘normal’ class once a week.

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The woman explained her position simply: she was afraid that the autistic boy could ruin her son’s party.

I had heard that David had a meltdown at another party he was invited to… He wanted to open presents like the birthday boy and when told no freaked out.

When David’s mother found out that her son was the only one not invited to the party, she called our heroine and confronted her about this.

She told me that I am awful for excluding her son and that I'm teaching my son to discriminate.

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Many other parents supported David’s mother. Our heroine has her vision of the matter:

I just want my son to have a good party and didn't mean anything by this.

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The woman’s story generated a huge reaction from other people and they even started sharing their own similar stories.

People’s reaction

@ jimmyjrdanceparty

Look, I understand your concern about the meltdown. But you could have spoken to his parents beforehand about the environment and potential ways to mitigate that; you could have spoken to your son's teacher to see if s/he has advice for how David is in group situations. You don't even know how his behavior may have improved over the past year specifically because of being included socially. This would have been a good chance to teach your son to include people, and instead you taught him it's okay to exclude someone if their disability makes your fun time slightly more difficult.

@ Cosmic_Hitchhiker

My sister is 13 and got this reputation when she was younger because she has autism and had meltdowns. Shes much better but has spent the past...several years being excluded. Loudly, visibly. One time a mom even sent her son over to ask if my brother could play after having her daughter specifically uninvite my sister over.I cannot tell you how heartbreaking it is to watch her be excluded and how it affects her. It's painful.

@ Disco54point5

This happened to my son A LOT when he was younger. It's hurtful to deliberately exclude with no warning. For anything my son was invited to I would either go and stay with him, leaving early if needs be, or if I checked out the venue in advance and thought it wouldn't be practical I would decline the invite but say thank you. Excluding on the basis of a disability isn't something to teach your child. You could have discussed it with his teachers first if nothing else.

@ awnothecorn

YTA. How cruel. Yeah, it's your party. You can invite who you want. But how cruel. If you don't want the autistic kid to come, then only invite a few kids from the class. But to invite everyone except him? That's monstrous.

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As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, we won’t judge anyone and ask you to do the same. Still, we really want to hear your vision of the matter. If you experienced a similar situation like this mother did, please share your story in the comments.

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