Bring Back The Youth! 9 Best Makeup Tips That Will Help You Look 10 Years Younger

December 21, 2018

As we change with age, our skin is getting through a major transformation too. After we hit 50, many factors, including menopause, will cause dryness and wrinkles, so the makeup tricks that once worked like magic might not be doing us any justice anymore.

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What to do? Stop being loyal to your old products that do no longer work and check out the new ones that are likely to be created using better technologies and ingredients. And don’t be afraid to go bright and bold with your makeup!

We have found the best 9 makeup tips that will help you to take 10 years off your face and look fabulous at any age.

Rejuvenating makeup

Dominique Sachse, who is an evening news anchor at Houston's KPRC Channel 2, shares her best makeup tips that she has learned throughout her 25-years-and-counting career.

Here’s how you can look younger with Dominique’s best tips.

1. Use dewy and light foundation (either BB or CC cream or tinted moisturizer).

2. Hide under eye circles or discoloration using liquid concealer.

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3. Use highlighter to lift your cheekbones and bronzer to sculpt your face.

4. Fill in brows with feather-like strokes.

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5. Apply matte, natural eyeshadows.

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6. Tightline upper lid only and use mascara on the upper lid only.

7. Apply blush on cheekbones, not the apples.

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8. Always use lip liner to shape your lips and help the lipstick stay on.

9. Use the lighter shade of lipstick that matches your lip liner.

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Makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen also advised using eyelash curlers, as they will help your eyes look bigger and brighter.

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Do you have any tips and tricks on how to look younger of your own?

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