Woman Shares Simple Trick With Food Clip That Miraculously Healed "Unbearable" Migraines In 20 Minutes

March 8, 2019

Migraines are not a rare condition in our modern world. The research shows that 12 percent of Americans suffer from them. But what can you do to ease the unbearable pain or to get rid of it completely?

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One woman discovered a very simple and unconventional trick.

The unexpected headache cure

A woman from Indiana has discovered a miracle cure from migraines that took the pain away in minutes. Elizabeth Hayes has been suffering from terrible headaches that could last for 12 hours but she managed to find a remedy in her own kitchen.

Hayes claims that a simple food clip took the hellish pain away in just 20 minutes. She shared that her suffering could reach an “unbearable limit,” to the point that even the pain killers wouldn’t work. So she had to find another way to find relief.

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She started searching for a natural pain reliever and stumbled across a company that uses a special clip in order to stimulate the L.I 4 pressure point on the hand.

Elizabeth got inspired by this method and decided to try it with a food clip, closing it between her thumb and forefinger and it worked like magic!

She shared her tip on Facebook and, unsurprisingly, within minutes it became a viral sensation.

What do people think about her trick?

Have you ever tried an unconventional method to relieve the headache pain?

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