5 Simple And Effective Phone Lifehacks Every User Needs To Know

May 4, 2018

Nowadays, almost every person has a smartphone or at least a simple cell phone. And it’s not a secret that your gadgets are multifunctional. Most likely, you don’t even know a half of the cool tips and tricks we are about to show you. Anyone can definitely make use of them!

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Tips for everyone

1. You can hide your cash and credit card between your device and the phone case if you don’t want to carry any other stuff. Say no to “extra luggage.”

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2. You can change a lock screen wallpaper to a photo of your name and another contact number. This might be helpful if you accidentally lost your phone, and the person who found it is decent. Simply type the info into notes app and take a screenshot, which you then can use as a background photo on your lock screen.

3. Did you forget where you parked your car once again? Just take a photo of a landmark near your vehicle to make sure you will find it with ease.

4. Do you need to charge your phone as quickly as possible? Try switching the device to airplane mode. It shuts down all the unnecessary processes. However, don’t forget that you cannot receive any phone calls while airplane mode is on.

5. You can take a photo with only one hand! Did you know that the volume buttons can be used as shutter buttons while in the camera mode?

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Cell phone safety rules

Nowadays, kids and teenagers develop extremely fast. The vast majority of them doesn’t really know the main safety rules for cell phones!

1. When texting or calling, be careful and assume that even private texts and conversations can be public.

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2. You cannot post a photo or video of another person without their permission.

3. Apps and stuff can cost quite a lot. Some may not fully realize how much they spend for downloading apps, games, music, etc.

4. Keep in mind the risks regarding the usage of location services. The rule is simple: Would you tell a burglar where you live?

5. Think twice before posting something online. There are too many cases of people’s ruined lives because they had posted something inappropriate.

We hope you found this information useful. If so, share with your friends. Take care!

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