Chic And Sleek: Say Goodbye To Those Troublesome 'Curvy Points' By Wearing Your Leggings The Right Way

August 1, 2018 12:09

Leggings became particularly popular starting from the 1960s. They were originally skin-tight trousers, a lot like capris and usually worn with large belts or waistbands. In the 1980s, they slowly transitioned from sportswear to everyday fashion piece.

These days most women have at least one pair of leggings in their wardrobe and it is amazing how flexible one single piece of clothing can be. From jogging in the neighborhood park to casual dinners with friends, or sitting at hip fashion-forward meets, a decent pair of leggings is never out of place.

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Some women understandably have concerns about wearing leggings because of their ‘curvy points’ but there are plenty of ways to get your groove on and even shave off a bit of those curves in the process, without knives of course.

Get top-heavy


Shift the attention up with a thick jacket and streamline those legs in the process. It works like a charm.

Boots? Yes!


Create great lines by balancing out your top with thigh-high boot. A sweater with some extra room will slim you down a notch.

Bomber jackets


When worn with a top the same color as your leggings, create an illusion so sleek, even you will be impressed.

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Contrast is king


Nothing beats creating a distinction between leggings and tops like opposite colors or shades.

Go high


There is no harm in showing some skin, especially if you have great abs. Pick a pair of high-waist leggings and be amazed at the effect.

While some women feel like they have too much and rather get leggings to shave some bits off, other rather go for little extra bits. Horizontal stripes give the illusion of width, but be careful picking stripped leggings or you might end up with a little more behind than you bargained for.


The opposite applies for vertical stripes. You can actually gain a few precious inches in length with stripes that go down, even better if they get to the very bottom of the leggings.


For some general bulk (note to women with skinny legs), wear leggings with bold patterns, the bolder the better. It may seem odd at first but watch as the compliments come flowing in. But be mindful of the seasons you wear them in before you get arrested by the fashion police.

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