Eek! Smelly Fridge Giving You Troubles? Here's A Simple Trick To Fix It

May 8, 2018

A smelly fridge can be a big turn off and sometimes, even embarrassing if total strangers happen to be around. And most fridges, at one time or another, experience this phenomenon. But what really causes fridges to smell?

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Rotten foods are the number one culprit, closely followed by improperly stored leftovers. Spillage inside a fridge can also contribute to nasty smells. Also, many people forget to clean out the drip pan at the bottom of the fridge. After extended periods, the water in the pan becomes dank and can smell really bad.

Getting rid of smells inside fridges is pretty simple

Do you have a smelly fridge at home that needs urgent attention? Be calm. No need to call emergency services. You can clean your fridge using regular baking soda. All you need is a half cup of baking soda and some warm water.

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Step 1: Empty the fridge

Turn the fridge off and unplug it from the power outlet. Next, empty all the contents of the fridge. It is a good idea to have another fridge to put all your food while you clean. And remember to toss out any spoilt food.

Step 2: Cleaning

Mix the ½ cup of baking soda in a liter or two of water inside a bowl. Now soak the soft cloth, wring it dry, and use it to wipe down the insides of the fridge. Make sure to reach all the corners.

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Step 3: Drying

Leave the fridge to dry out for a few hours, then power it on and return all your food into it.

There you go. A nice and clean smelling fridge without a hassle. To keep the fridge smelling fresh for longer, keep an open container of baking soda inside it at all times. It will constantly absorb any bad smells.

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Don’t like baking soda? There are other options

If you don’t fancy baking soda much, you can always use coffee. It works the same way. Just place a bowl or a cup of fresh coffee grounds in the fridge and watch the magic happen, as smells disappear.

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If you are looking at giving your fridge a foody smell, dip some cotton balls in vanilla extract and place inside the fridge.

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Lemon slices work in the same way as vanilla extract. Just place a slice of lemon inside the fridge and make sure to take it out when the lemon starts to turn.

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So, don’t keep wrinkling your nose every time opening your fridge. Follow these easy tips and smile.

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