This Magical DIY Treatment For Sunburn With Shaving Cream Is Going Viral, But Here's What Medical Experts Think About It

July 19, 2018

Texas mom, Cindie Allen-Stewart, became an instant sensation online when she made a post about sunburns and shaving cream.

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A magical treatment for sunburn

In her Facebook post, she informed her followers on her DIY secret to dealing with sunburn problems overnight.

Stewart pasted a copious amount of shaving cream on her burnt back. She told InsideEdition how it works: “I burn, then do the shaving cream, and then the next day, it’s usually gone”.

And shared another magical picture showing her back clear of blemish.

What the experts are saying

According to the mom of 2, this was a tried and tested method for her family.

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What do the experts think of this?

Dr. Ross Radusky who works as a Skin and Laser Dermatology specialist in New York told InsideEdition exactly why Stewart’s method has worked so far.

According to him, it has everything to do with the great moisturizing ingredients contained in most shaving creams: coconut oil, coconut butter, and glycerin.

Potential dangers

But, he had a note of warning to sound out for people who might be considering applying it on their faces, especially those with oily skin. It’s best to stay away to avoid breakouts, Radusky says.

However, it’s probably a much better option to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight or use a sunscreen for those at risk of getting skin cancer.

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