Meghan Markle Got Slammed For Attending 3 Events In 1 Week Without Archie & Not Feeding Him

July 15, 2019 17:15

Meghan Markle is repeatedly taking time off her maternity leave. She can hold off the royal duties for as long as a year. However, her diligence is not allowing her to miss out anything important. As a new mom, some people find it rather odd.

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Last week, the Duchess head out to Wimbledon and supported her good friend, Serena Williams. After that, she kind of started an engagements spree. Meghan Markle then enjoyed a ladies day-out with Kate and Pippa Middleton at the finals.

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To conclude her weekly adventure, she showed up at Lion King Premiere with Prince Harry. The couple were absolutely gorgeous.

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Who's taking care of Archie?

The social media users noticed how Her Royal Highness appeared at 3 events in a single week and she didn't bring Archie along to any of them. People slammed her for possibly being a detached mother.

One commentator wondered who's feeding the Sussex baby. Meghan was also shamed for being away from her newborn and leaving him alone at home with nannies. One stated that her baby was 8-weeks-old and she couldn't abandon him for even hours. How does the Duchess pull it off? Is it because she ain't a feeding mom?

Criticism again?

Archie had made a debut after his christening at Polo match. His mother held him dearly but people said she did it very loosely. Even though, she occasionally planted kisses on her sweet baby's forehead.

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It's apparent how faltered the people's judge is. They slam her for keeping her baby close and do the same while she keeps him at home.