Impending Blindness: Judi Dench's Eye-Sight Is Deteriorating Rapidly & There's "Nothing" She Can Do About It

June 26, 2019 18:04

Nearly 7 years ago, Dame Judi Dench was diagnosed with macular degeneration. In most cases, it leads to permanent blindness. Now, her vision-related struggles have started aggressively and she's feeling quite helpless.

During an interview with Mirror UK, the James Bond icon revealed she's fighting off the progressing symptoms. But as she further aged, she couldn't even recognize faces well and had trouble reading scripts. Her fellow actors assisted her with lines. 

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Losing the battle

While speaking to Express UK, Judi sadly revealed that her eyesight is deteriorating rapidly. Despite having every treatment at her disposal, it is just incurable. Most devastatingly, she can't drive anymore or recognize faces.

Drench is also worried that people might think she's ignoring them while she simply can't see.

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In addition to these struggles, she's being medically disappointed too. She has had eight injections in one eye to slow the rate of degradation, but it didn't work at all. Judi came to terms with it, saying:

There’s nothing you can do. You adapt to it. So I ignore it altogether.

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She's relying on others now 

The adjustments are not easy but, isn't ready to give up her lustrous career. Unable to travel on her own, she is always monitored by her closed ones. Judi explained her need for a guide at all times, admitting:

I need someone to say "Look out, there’s a step here!" or else I fall all over the place like a mad, drunk lady.

She is the iron lady of Hollywood and will overcome these hurdles intelligently. We pray for a miracle that would make her feel the freedom again.