Princess Diana Wouldn't Have Liked Meghan Markle's Control Over Prince Harry, Royal Author Says

July 3, 2019

There are a lot of people who don't agree to the dynamics of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's courtship. The Duchess has been blamed for the Duke's avoidance from his own friends. Would this powerful influence have bothered her late mother-in-law?

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Due to Meghan Markle strict regime, she's been dubbed "Duchess Difficult." The staffers find her way of working quite rushy and impulsive. Even her estranged father, Thomas has testified the same statement. 

She had reportedly put her husband on diet and had suggested him to start doing yoga like her. It became very obvious who's ruling the roost in their marriage.

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Would Diana have allowed it?

In the honor of Late Princess of Wales' 59th birthday, Daily Mail UK weighed many opinions about her. Ingrid Seward, who is associated with Majesty magazine, claims Prince Charles' deceased wife wouldn't have tolerated one particular thing about Meghan.

Ingrid revealed that Diana wouldn't have wanted a divorced woman with different racial background for her precious son. The author considers the late Princess to be a little "snobbish." He then remarked:

She certainly wouldn't have liked the control that Meghan has over Harry, so I think they might have had a tricky relationship. 

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In his opinion, Ingrid went as far as saying Diana wouldn't have let Harry tie the knot with Meghan if she was alive.

Others have the same doubts 

Simone Simmons who was very close to Lady D being an alternative healer. She told the same magazine that she doesn't regard Meghan Markle an ideal woman for Harry. 

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Well, whatever people say, the Sussex couple has turned out to be great. They have Archie now, which is a beautiful bond that will become the base for their forever together story.