People Are Shipping Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper With Funny Responses Since Both Are Single Now

June 11, 2019 16:40

This year, the biggest Hollywood drama that kept audiences occupied was no movie. It was, in fact, the love triangle between Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, and his partner Irina Shayk. It seems the path has cleared for the two of them.

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Recently, a source revealed to CNN that possibly-strained couple, Irina and Bradley have broken up after four years of dating. They share a 2-years-old daughter Lea De Seine together. The proud parents are frequently spotted with her. According to reports, it was Irina who initiated the split. 

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People are comical about the situation

Lady Gaga was engaged with Christian Carino before she came across Bradley. The accusation of the singer's brewing romance with her A Star Is Born co-star was somewhat proved when she separated from her fiance. 

Now we look at the whole picture, things are looking pretty good from Gaga and Cooper to be in a relationship. Both are single and they already have each other as a viable option.

Social media users are handling this in a very funny way. They have started a chain of memes to predict Gaga's reaction to Bradley being currently available. Try not to laugh too hard as it is still insensitive towards Irina. Just saying!

How did Gaga and Cooper get so close?

Bradley personally recommended Gaga to perform for his movie because of her amazing vocals. They started meeting for their project and developed a strong bond both on and off the screen. They attended many premieres hand-in-hand and let the sparks of their alleged romance fly. The two performed at Oscars and it could be denied after that.

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So, do you still think Gaga and Cooper's chemistry is just for film promotion? Can't be that sure about it now. Share this and let us know if you want them to make things official or not?