Least Favorite Grandchild? Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson Had To Change Beatrice's Original Name Due To The Queen's Disapproval, Reports Claim

July 22, 2019 15:52

The Queen's approval is the top priority for the members of the Royal Family. If something goes against Her Majesty's opinion or will, it is bound to turn into a disaster.

Although Queen Elizabeth II changed a lot of things for her relatives-successors, some stories are still being hidden from the public eye. So, today is about time to tell one of such stories.

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In the information retrieved from Mirror, Princess Beatrice was supposed to have a completely different name, but the Queen forced Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to change it.

The topic of royal names is as important as any other aspect of the British monarchy and therefore, Her Majesty did not approve the name 'Annabel' as it seemed to "yuppie" for her.

Did you know it took two full weeks for the Duke and Duchess of York to announce their older daughter's name? Since the Queen reportedly disgusted the name 'Annabel' offered by Andrew and Fergie, she suggested naming a royal girl 'Beatrice' — to honor the Queen Victoria's youngest daughter.

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So, Beatrice's full name is Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, with her middle names paying tribute to her grandmother and great-grandmother.

In fact, royal baby names cannot be announced directly after birth. For instance, Queen Elizabeth II didn't announce his eldest son's name for a month!

Indeed, Prince Charles was first introduced with the full title and name only four weeks after the childbirth.

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However, Prince Harry was quite unique — his name was announced less than 24 hours after he was born, though it took a full week for Prince Charles and Princess Diana to announce Prince William's name.

We often ask one single question, "What is actually going on within the Royal Family?" and sadly, we will never get an answer.