"Another Odd Coincidence": Duchess Camilla's Outfit For Archie's Christening Is Totally Same As For Prince Louis' Baptism

July 8, 2019 13:51

It's impossible to describe how happy we are to see baby Archie! The little one was baptized on July 6 among closest family members in a tiny chapel at Windsor Castle.

Thanks to Meghan and Harry, royal fans had a chance to glimpse at the family-of-three as the couple released two official pictures from the outstanding event.

What's wrong with Camilla?

Something is off going on — social media users guess Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles wore the identical outfit for baby Archie's christening as they did for Prince Louis' one last year.

If you compare two photos of Camilla, you'll see the same creme dress, the same pair of matching heels, and even the same hat. Some fans were really puzzled about how it could be possible.

It's totally acceptable for royals to recycle and re-wear their attires, but we didn't see the identical ensemble worn by the royal before. Some Twitter users even thought it was photoshopped to confuse everyone.

What do you think about this? It's absolutely weird, to be frank.

Another puzzling situation

Eagle-eyed people spotted Prince William and Kate Middleton in totally different outfits on their way from Kensington Palace to Windsor Castle. The Duke was wearing a regular shirt, whereas the Duchess was seen to be wearing a blue dress.

They probably did it to avoid creases amid the official pictures. The couple allegedly took their outfits to change upon the arrival.

But, if Prince William and Kate Middleton's situation can be explained, we still haven't figured out the thing about the Duchess of Cornwall. Do you have any ideas?