What About Irina? Bradley Cooper Has A "Huge And Overwhelming Connection" With Lady Gaga, Source Claims

June 13, 2019

Well, we're sure you've heard about Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's break-up after a four-year relationship. It's still unknown what led them to split, though some insiders and sources have revealed it's all because of A Star Is Born and the actor's emotional absence due to its success.

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Gaga and Cooper's connection

The high-profile stars have been in the constant spotlight after starring A Star Is Born. Much attention took a toll on Lady Gaga's ex, Christian Carino, as well as Bradley Cooper's ex, Irina Shayk.

According to PEOPLE's source, Cooper has a "huge and overwhelming connection" to Lady Gaga. However, their potential real-life romance is "premature."

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The couple has never meant to be seeing each other and consider each other as best friends. Their one of a kind bond led Cooper and Gaga reach hights, such as eight Oscar nominations. 

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The Shallow hitmaker even told that their chemistry was the only thing people needed to see. It doesn't imply they are in love, though.

Tension at Oscars

Long before Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper called it quits, the couple was believed to have tension around each other at the Oscars back in February.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb revealed the A-list actor tried to hide his relationship with the Russian supermodel. While posing with his mother, he was holding her hand tightly which was up in front of his body. On the other hand, he hid his hand-holding with Shayk behind his body. 

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Cobb thinks it was already a red flag back then. Irina Shayk wanted "a quieter life," reports say, though the movie's success and constant trips were too much for the couple to maintain their romance.