Baby Is Coming Soon! Nick Carter's Wife Is Finally Pregnant With 2nd Child After Last Year’s Miscarriage

May 27, 2019

Nick Carter’s wife, Lauren Kitt, has suffered a miscarriage in September 2018, and it was a shocking and tragic experience for the whole family. Nick announced sad news on his official Twitter account.

The Backstreet Boys member opened up he already imagined himself welcoming a baby, and now, all his dreams are broken. Carter also responded to one of the comments, writing that it was a little sister for Ordin, his first child.

Pregnant again!

A couple of days ago Nick happily shared the happy news with his Instagram subscribers: his beautiful wife is pregnant again, and God gave them the greatest gift they could ever ask for.

He uploaded an adorable photo of his family, and we can see Nick’s wife with a cute baby bump. She is so gorgeous!

Nick and Lauren Kitt Carter are married for already five years, since 2014. In 2016, the couple welcomed their first child, the adorable baby boy. And now, they are getting ready to become parents again!

After experiencing such an awful period of time after the loss of the baby, Nick Carter’s wife is finally pregnant again, and we are so happy for them! There is no doubt they will be perfect parents for their new baby!