Body Language Experts Reveal Harry Constantly Wants To “Shield” Meghan Because Of Princess Diana

April 26, 2019

Prince Harry has always been very protective of Meghan Markle from the very beginning.

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Some time ago, Prince Harry even issued an appeal to end the wave of abuse and harassment from the press. It happened when Meghan Markle was Prince Harry’s girlfriend, and he didn’t want to ruin her reputation.

Body language expert’s verdict

The body language expert, Lisa Mitchell, has analyzed the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex’s behavior and is ready to provide her verdict.

She claims everything indicates that Prince Harry still tries to protect Meghan Markle. They even hold their hands in a special way that shows how much Harry cares for his wife.

While some couples intertwine their fingers when they hold hands in a more intimate display, Harry and Meghan clasp hands with his on top, covering her's protectively.

Mitchell also noticed that when they walk together, Harry is always a step ahead.

He's protecting the front of her body ever so slightly with the way he's walking.

Body language experts reveal the protective Prince Harry constantly wants to shield Meghan Markle.

Harry's continued support and protection of Meghan, which reinforces his protective nature that he displays with turning his body toward hers and walking slightly in front of her most of the time. He uses his body and his hand to 'shield' her in some form and help her feel more secure. It's a caring gesture as much as it is a protective gesture.

Melanie Bromley says Prince Harry is so protective of Meghan because of what happened to Princess Diana. The death of a mother made such a huge impact on Harry’s personality that he tries to do everything to protect Meghan from everything that surrounds her.

I can imagine for Harry that must make him feel very protective of his wife because obviously, we know what happened to Diana in the end.

Body language experts claim Prince Harry tries to protect Meghan Markle, and most likely the reason is connected with Princess Diana.