Ashley Abbott Is Back! Actress Eileen Davidson Is Coming Back To The 'Young And The Restless'

February 27, 2019 11:25

In June, the popular American actress Eileen Davidson has confirmed her exit from The Young and the Restless after more than 30 years on the soap, playing the role of Ashley Abbott.

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She announced such a life-changing decision in her official social media account, claiming she is literally leaving her second home, and that it was a big pleasure for her to play Ashley for so many years.

Of course, it was a huge shock for her numerous fans, who couldn’t imagine the show without Eileen Davidson.

Ashley is coming back

Fortunately, the actress decided to change her decision after some break, and Eileen Davidson has recently announced she is returning on The Young and the Restless in March.

Nevertheless, it became clear the actress is not going to return to the show on a permanent basis. Instead, she to Genoa City for a two-day visit, and will appear on March 28th and 29th.

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© The Young and the Restless (1973) / Sony Pictures Television

© The Young and the Restless (1973) / Sony Pictures Television

During one of the interviews, Eileen Davidson said it is going to be a long-awaited trip, and she is looking forward to seeing her Young and the Restless family.

I said on my last day that I would love to come back for a visit, and I was lucky enough to have [Head Writer] Josh Griffith take me up on my offer. It’s always great to see my Y&R family.

After leaving Young and the Restless, Eileen Davidson premiered the movie Walk to Vegas, at the Palm Spring International Film Festival together with the husband Vincent Van Patten.

Eileen Davidson surprised her fans by announcing she is coming back to The Young and the Restless.

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