Sir Tom Jones Shares Intimate Memories Of His Dear Friend Elvis: "We Could Stay Up All Night"

May 7, 2019

Tom Jones and Elvis Presley met back in 1965, at the Paramount backstage, where Elvis was filming Paradise Hawaiian Style, and became friends right away.

By the way, Elvis was Tom Jones’ idol since his teenage years, and he was indeed happy to meet the King of Rock and Roll. At that time, Tom Jones rose to stardom with his hit It’s Not Unusual.

I went to Paramount studios in Hollywood to talk about a song for a movie, and they said 'Elvis is here today filming and he would like to meet you'. So I though, my God, I didn't know that he knew that I existed, because I had three singles out and one album at the time.

Tom Jones’ memories

Sir Tom Jones has recently shared memories of his dear friend Elvis, telling how much he loved him. He remembered times they spent together in Las Vegas, and sometimes, could hang out all night.

Sometimes we would stay up all night. Elvis loved to sing gospel songs, I loved to listen to him and learn.

They had so much fun together, and were indeed good friends!

By the way, Tom Jones stays close with Priscilla Presley, and was even spotted dining with the King of Rock 'n' Roll's widow.

According to some sources, Tom Jones was seen taking Priscilla to dinners since Jones’ wife passed away a couple of years ago. Even though there are numerous rumors about their alleged romantic affair, Tom Jones denies it, telling they are just friends.

Tom Jones has recently shared never-known-before memories of his dear friend, the King of Rock and Roll, with whom he could stay up all night, listening to music.