Goldie Hawn Reveals She Nearly Lost Her Life Due To Anxiety: "I Thought I Could Die"

May 3, 2019

Goldie Hawn's goal is to help children who suffer from high levels of stress. As the founder of the MindUp school, she teaches millions of kids around the world about positive psychology and happy goals.

She shares what is most important in her life, and tries to do everything to make other people truly happy. Nevertheless, sometimes, the actress feels even more stressed than others.

Goldie Hawn’s anxiety

Goldie Hawn has recently revealed she suffered from anxiety and even thought she could die. She shared the story while being honored in the Child Mind Institute‘s 5th Annual Change Maker Awards.

Goldie talked about how she decided to become an advocate for child mental health and to found the Goldie Hawn Foundation.

I lived with anxiety as a little girl. I thought the Russians were going to bomb us. I thought I could die without ever kissing a boy. I suffered anxiety every time I heard a siren.

How to deal with it?

Goldie Hawn also gave advice on managing anxiety that can be helpful for people of any age. She told about one technique that kids usually practice at her school.

Our curriculum offers techniques to manage emotions and behavior. One exercise is a gratitude circle, where kids go around saying what they're thankful for. Sounds simple, right?

And added:

Mindfulness can help people of any age. That's because we become what we think. If you have a negative thought — "I can't stand my boss" — it perpetuates a negative worldview. But if you supplant each negative thought with three positive ones, you begin to restructure your brain.

Goldie Hawn is not only an extremely talented actress, but also an advocate for child mental health, and teaches others about positive psychology. Recently, she shared her anxiety experience and gave tips on how to deal with it.