Many People Crowned Meghan Markle As The New Wallis Simpson, But How Similar Are They Really?

February 26, 2019

A lot of people compare Meghan Markle with Wallis Simpson, and claim they share lots of similarities.

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Indeed, there is a big number of coincidences between these two ladies. For example, the Duchess of Windsor was also American, and she met the Prince of Wales when she was 34 – the same age Meghan was when she met her future royal husband for the first time.

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By the way, Wallis Simpson’s intended marriage to the British king Edward VIII was the reason for the constitutional crisis which resulted in Edward's abdication.

More similarities

For Wallis, the same as for Meghan, it was the second marriage. The Duchess of Windsor was married to the U.S. naval officer Win Spencer, while the Duchess of Sussex – to the actor and producer Trevor Engelson.

Moreover, they share the same passion for clothes, and even choose the same fashion houses. Simpson’s favorite designer was Hubert de Givenchy, and Meghan chose this brand for the design of the wedding dress.

Body language expert’s verdict

Body language expert Judi James has recently given her a verdict regarding such a comparison. She said that despite such a big number of similarities, they are rather different.

It’s easy to draw comparisons between Meghan and Wallis: two confident, stylish and divorced US women, they both won the heart of an English prince. One caused a constitutional crisis but for the other the crisis sadly seems to be in her own family. Despite their superficially similar circumstances though, Meghan and Wallis’s body language traits reveal they are two completely different women.

And added:

Wallis’s unique, forensically-defined style and her poses from a very early age suggest she deliberately adopted a look that can only be described as severe. Where Meghan’s body language suggests high levels of elegance she also displays warmth and approachability.

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By the way, during one of the previous interviews, Judi James revealed Meghan wants to be more like Princess Diana.

Many people consider Meghan Markle to be the new Wallis Simpson, as they have such a big number of similarities.

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