Meryl Streep Is Now Officially A First-Time Grandma As Her Daughter Gives Birth To The Cutest Baby

March 1, 2019

News about the pregnancy of Meryl Streep’s 35-year-old daughter Mamie was confirmed in December.

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Since that time, she was waiting impatiently until the moment she could finally hold a baby and officially become a first-time grandmother.

Welcome to the world, baby!

Mamie’s representatives have confirmed that she already gave birth to the baby boy, and now, Meryl Streep can officially be called a grandmother.

Mamie Gummer and her fiancé Mehar Sethi felt like the happiest people in the world when they got a chance to see their child for the first time.

And even though new parents haven't posted any pictures of their son, there's no doubt the baby is the cutest one. Mamie is going to be a perfect mother!

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Mamie’s previous marriage

Mamie Gummer was previously married to actor Benjamin Walker, but their marriage didn’t work out and the couple decided to separate.

Now, she has loving and trustworthy relations with Mehar Sethi, and they already became a family of three.

Official sources confirmed that Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer gave birth to a baby boy, making the Oscar-winning actress a first-time grandmother.

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