Royal Farewell: Queen Didn’t Let Donald Trump Leave The Country Until She Said Her Final Words To Him

June 6, 2019 14:28

A few days ago, the lip reader revealed how the Queen welcomed Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

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Reportedly, Her Majesty told the First Lady that it was nice to see her again at the Buckingham Palace. Meanwhile, Prince Charles was more informal while talking with the US President, and called him “Donald” in conversation.

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Queen’s surprising words to Trump

Donald and Melania Trump had a very fruitful three-day visit to the UK. In the end, they decided to join the Queen and Prince Charles and to participate in the meeting with 300 Second World War veterans who fought in Normandy.

While they were posing for photos at the D-Day 75th-commemoration event in Portsmouth, Donald Trump decided to thank Queen for such an incredible reception.

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He said:

It was a great honour to be with you.

Her Majesty replied right away, inviting Donald Trump to UK once again.

I hope you come to this country again soon

By the way, Donald and Melania Trump exchanged gifts with the royal family during the visit. Reportedly, Trumps presented Queen with a Tiffany & Co. silver and silk poppy brooch.

Queen also prepared a gift and gave them the first edition of Winston Churchill’s The Second World War adorned with gold tooled embroidery.

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It seems that Donald and Melania Trump’s visit to the UK was rather successful, and Queen already invited them once again.