Parking Enemy: An Old Lady Gets Her Revenge On A Young Driver Who Steals Her Parking Space

October 29, 2018 16:18

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our lives without driving a car. Every day, we are in a rush, trying to get in time to work, to school, etc. We have so many things to do that sometimes we forget to respect other drivers when deciding where and how to park.

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Parking revenge

On the video from the security camera, we can see that one driver literally stole the parking place of the other. The next moment, the old lady got out of her Toyota Prius and smashed the young man’s windshield with a baseball bat.

The other driver was probably very angry and disappointed to see the broken car window. Maybe, he just didn’t notice a granny, who was about to park her car at that place? In any case, the physical ruining of the car is not the way out.

However, a lot of people claim that the video can be fake. The News Wheel website gave several possible reasons for that: Firstly, the decision to completely ignore four open parking spots, and secondly, the exceptional camera quality.

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Parking etiquette

According to the Advance Etiquette, there are certain so-called rules of parking:

  • Park straight in a parking space.
  • Don’t straddle a line and take up two spaces in a parking lot or garage. 
  • Don’t take up two spaces on the street.
  • Take your turn when waiting for a parking place.
  • Make your intentions clear when walking in a parking lot.
  • Make sure your car is pulled into space far enough, but not too far.
  • Never force your car into a space that’s too small.
  • Watch for pedestrian crosswalks in parking lots. 

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Let’s not forget about other people and be more respectful towards other drivers. Because sometimes, disregard can lead to unpleasant situations.

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