"Her Life Means More To Me Than My Life": George Clooney Admits Amal Has Made Him A Better And Anger-Free Man

May 9, 2019 17:22

Academy award winner George Clooney, hasn't always had a perfect life. There was a time in his life when he probably used to get angry like the rest of us. But now, his wife has made him a better man.

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George seems to feel accomplished when it comes to his love life. In a candid interview, he expresses his deep fulfilment,

I've never been happier in a relationship by any stretch of the imagination. At 52 I found the love of my life and I'm really happy.

Amal made him a better person

Clooney can't stop talking about how content he is. Surprisingly, he says he doesn't get upset. 

I'm not mad at anything. I got a brilliant, beautiful wife, I got two knuckleheads for kids, life's great.

Actor, Chris Abbot attests to the filmmaker's remarkable behavior when asked how working with Clooney has been. Abbot mentions that regardless of the situation, the acclaimed actor doesn't get furious and working with him is fun all the way!

Phenomenal! Don't we all want such a great change? Thanks, Amal, you may just be a break in anger management therapy.

Amal means more to Clooney than he himself 

We all love George. So, when he told David Letterman that he could totally trade his life for Amal, we felt a tad jealous.

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I met someone that her life meant more to me than my life, and I'd never had that experience before - and I had some lovely people in my life.

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George adds that he is more settled, and lives less of a frivolous lifestyle.

Great job on taming your hunk, Amal!