Controversial Royal Biographer Makes Scandalous Claims About The Queen's 'Sexual Appetite' In Her New Book

July 2, 2018 11:58

It is easy to forget about what romance between the Queen and Prince Philip looks like. People are much more preoccupied with the younger members of the family.


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Prince Philip is a flirt

But, a new book by royal family ‘biographer’, Lady Colin Campbell, is drawing attention to the romantic life of the monarch and her husband. And it is full of controversial details.

Some of her claims include having first-hand experience that Prince Philip could resist a beautiful woman. She also made several conclusive statements about the Queen’s excessive love of intimacy.

For the love of scandal

As a former I’m A Celebrity contestant, Ms. Campbell’s decision to write a scandalous book like this does not surprise because she has a flair for the salacious.


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This has not stopped top royal commentators from calling her out for her decision to write a book on the royals given that she has never been seen hanging out with the royals and never taken up a job with the royals.

More royal scandals

This is not the first time Ms. Campbell is going to town with unverified tales about this family.

In 2012 biography, she claimed the Queen Mother had conceived the Queen and Princess Margaret by artificial insemination. Well, there’s no stopping her is there?

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