Manhattan Woman Faces A $1 Million Lawsuit For Poorly Rating A Gynecologist On Yelp After She Tried Him Out

June 1, 2018 12:00

If you are hooked on giving Yelp reviews of any kind, you definitely need to read Michelle Levine's story. She is currently in a lot of trouble for writing a bad Yelp review.

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Yelp review gone wrong

Everything went downhill for the Manhattan resident in 2017 after a terrible professional experience with a Kips Bay gynecologist.

Levine did what most internet savvy people do after having a bad customer service encounter: She wrote a review on Yelp and ZocDoc.

For her, it was as simple as warning people on the same nightmarish service.

Angry business owner fights back

The doctor in question, a man named Joon Song, was clearly miffed by the one star she gave him.

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NY Post reports that Levine has spent up to $20,000 to defend herself against the doctor's defamation suits. She is also facing a $1 million lawsuit.

Her terrible experience does not mean that giving bad reviews on Yelp is problematic. Yelp continues to offer otherwise small players in varying service fields find a customer base.

Should you trust Yelp reviews?

In fact, it is precisely because of honest reviews like Michelle Levine's that people trust platforms like Yelp.

A report on the marketing expert site Brandon Gaille stated that as much as 72 consumers trust reviews online to help them make informed decisions.

However, an increasing number of business owners and service providers are beginning to sue when they get negative reviews, like the one Levine gave.

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