41-Year-Old Malaysian 'Pedophile' Defends His Right To Wed An 11-Year-Old Girl Amid Widespread Outrage

July 12, 2018 15:07

In spite of the outrage against child marriages, disturbing pictures of young girls being married off to much older men continue to pop up.

Child marriage in Malaysia

This time, the culprit is a 41-year-old Malaysian man who has chosen an 11-year-old girl as his bride. The outrageous ceremony shows the man, Che Abdul Karim, sitting beside the underaged girl, holding a framed picture.

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Another photo shows the little girl holding his outstretched hands, sitting beside a woman, who appears to be her mother. The Sun reports that the problematic, but wealthy Karim, had chosen to make the child his third wife.

Outrage online

After the photos of the disturbing marriage rite hit social media, amid widespread outrage, Karim proceeded to defend his actions and choice of a bride.

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According to him, he and the child would not begin life as a couple until she turns 16.

Nevertheless, people online demand the practice to be brought to an end. Some of them suggest that the age limit for marriage should be raised to 18 years. 

It's closer to home than you think

Although child marriage is assumed to be a problematic practice by obscure or oppressive religions and cultures, it is far more common than most people think. And closer to your home.

According to the Child Not Bride Campaign group, globally, 1 in 5 girls are married off before they turn 18. Only a few weeks ago, a man in Utah was convicted for taking a friend's 8-year-old daughter as his bride. This needs to stop!

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