Too much? Donald Trump Called Stormy Daniels A Very Rude Name After Federal Judge Dismissed Her Defamation Suit

October 17, 2018 15:31

Donald Trump is generally considered a bully who thinks nothing of picking fights with defenseless people, but did he just cross the line with Stormy Daniels?


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Stormy's case dismissed

Trump and porn star Stormy have been embroiled in a series of legal battles after she claimed they had an affair while he was married to Melania, with Barron still a baby.

But on Tuesday, Stormy's defamation suit against the President was thrown out by a federal judge and almost immediately, he took to Twitter to trash her.

Did he go too far?

His choices of words were particularly distasteful. While threatening to go after her now that her case had been dismissed, he mocked her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, and called Stormy a 'horseface'.

Trump already has a long history of insulting women he considers enemies. He has repeatedly called Rosie O'Donnell disturbing names. But Stormy did not let his comments slide. She replied to his tweet with the vitriol of her own, attacking him for his 'shortcomings'.

Widespread disapproval

Her lawyer Avenatti has also reacted to Trump's comments. While discussing the issue on CNN's Situation Room, he called the President a joke and said:

I don't care what your politics are. This has no place, this is a complete disrespect to the office of the presidency.

Meanwhile, commenters online are full of concern.

One Twitter user wrote an open letter to the First Lady, Melania Trump, asking her to remind the President to 'Be Best' in line with her anti-bullying campaign. What do you think?

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